Lyngsoe X-Tracking

Lyngsoe X-Tracking

Improving Healthcare Logistics with RFID Technology

Efficient healthcare operations are vital for quality patient care amid rising demands and high occupancy levels. Hospitals are complex systems that need seamless functioning, from admission to discharge. Asset accessibility and functionality are crucial for safe and timely treatment. Lost or misplaced medical devices risk safety and procurement disruptions, causing overspending. RFID healthcare solutions solve this. Lyngsoe Systems X-Tracking solution tracks beds and medical devices, enhancing equipment use and hospital efficiency.

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  • Provides real-time visibility of medical devices.
  • Enables informed decision making based on accurate data.
  • Saves time to allow staff to focus on other tasks.
  • Supports accurate auditing of hospital equipment.
  • Reduces wait times, delays, and cancellations.
  • Improves efficiencies in procurement.
  • Improves operational efficiency.
  • Improves patient care, flow, experience, and safety.

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The Importance of Hospital Bed Tracking and Management

Efficiently managing hospital beds is crucial for patient flow, but it requires effective tracking. Bed management allocates beds efficiently to improve patient flow. Bed tracking provides real-time bed location and status. They are interconnected, and a robust tracking system like Lyngsoe Systems' X-Tracking solution enhances bed management, reducing wait times and costs. Without it, inefficiencies arise, from staff searching for equipment to overspending and bed shortages. Bed tracking offers live updates on bed status and location, integrates with existing systems, streamlining patient care and safety while optimizing asset use.

Enhancing Hospital Efficiency with Lyngsoe X-Tracking

Lyngsoe X-Tracking also offers a solution for hospitals to efficiently manage and track sterile goods. Using RFID technology, it provides real-time data on the location of sterile trays and case carts, ensuring that all sterile goods are easily located in circulation. Our system utilizes ceiling-mounted RFID antennas strategically placed throughout the hospital, tracking the movement of trays and case carts as they pass through key points. Additionally, our handheld RFID terminals allow staff to manually update the location and status of trays or case carts as needed. With Lyngsoe X-Tracking, hospitals can streamline their sterile goods management, improve operational efficiency, and ultimately enhance patient safety and care

Enhancing Medical Device Tracking with Lyngsoe X-Tracking

Tracking medical devices in busy hospitals is crucial for efficient healthcare delivery. Mobile medical devices, vital for patient care, are susceptible to becoming lost or misplaced due to their dynamic nature.

Lyngsoe Systems offers a cutting-edge solution, Lyngsoe X-Tracking, approved by GS1, to address this challenge. By harnessing RFID technology, X-Tracking provides real-time data on the location of all registered medical devices. This visibility ensures efficient asset location, streamlined servicing, and maintenance, ultimately reducing the risk to patient safety.

Elevating Hospital Safety with Lyngsoe X-Tracking

Safety equipment tracking is indispensable in hospitals, where specialized devices are in constant use. Patient moving and handling equipment, along with respiratory protective equipment (RPE), are vital components of healthcare safety.

Lyngsoe Systems presents a GS1 approved solution, Lyngsoe X-Tracking, designed to streamline safety equipment tracking. Using RFID technology, X-Tracking offers real-time data on the location of all registered safety equipment. This capability ensures that hospitals can readily access and maintain patient handling equipment and RPE, safeguarding both patients and staff. With increased visibility, X-Tracking improves safety, reduces search times, enhances operational efficiency, and facilitates informed decisions regarding asset procurement and management.

Enhancing Patient Flow with Lyngsoe X-Tracking

Efficient patient flow management is essential for quality healthcare. Hospitals, especially in the post-COVID-19, manage increased admissions and often with limited bed availability, leading to delays and higher costs.

Lyngsoe Systems X-Tracking, a GS1 approved solution, using RFID technology and a web-based application to track hospital assets like medical devices, beds, and safety equipment in real-time. It seamlessly integrates with existing software applications, ensuring timely equipment availability for swift patient care and bed assignments upon admission, ultimately optimizing patient flow.

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