Modern pneumology: The latest technology for lungs and airways

Together we will find the best solutions

Modern medical technology and a great deal of experience allow patients and their staff to breathe more freely, in a figurative sense. To be able to diagnose and treat diseases of the lungs and respiratory tract, you need the right equipment, among other things. What is it? Tell us.

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Our service for pneumology

We cannot live without air to breathe - so it is important to be able to diagnose problems here accurately and quickly. We offer you extensive technology for this area.


Latest lung diagnostic technologies

Simple, consistent and reliable lung function tests thanks to cutting-edge technology and Swiss engineering.

Accelerated diagnostic processes

Handy devices for medical professionals for accurate and reliable diagnosis - easy to use.

Reduction of health care costs

Improved treatment quality can help to significantly reduce health care costs.

Uncompromising quality

Equipment and technology have been developed to meet current requirements and challenges.

Modern ways in pneumology

Diagnostics and therapy in pneumology have made great progress in recent years. This is due, on the one hand, to the growing knowledge in medicine and, on the other hand, to modern examination and therapy procedures to reduce burdens and risks for those affected. Let us continue this path together.


There for you throughout Switzerland

Medical technology in the field of pneumology requires first-class products and services. We are always there for you and as quickly as possible - whether on site or digitally. Your request is in the best hands with us.

Your advantages

  • High security - High-quality product solutions for more safety.
  • Facilitating work - Intelligent systems ensure optimized work processes.
  • Potential savings - Lower costs through innovative and safe medical technology.

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