Neonatology: Protecting new life

Sometimes extensive treatment of mother and child must already take place before birth

In neonatal medicine and neonatal care, early use of medical technology is often unavoidable. Breathing, circulation and temperature must be adapted to the new circumstances as quickly as possible and the helpless life must be protected.

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Our service for neonatology

This sensitive area requires unique care and very special medical technology. We would be happy to inform you about our systems for the targeted treatment of mother and child.

Special service for special needs

Equipment and technology for diagnostics and therapy must be adapted to the needs of the very young. We want to optimize care at every stage.

Comprehensive advice

Extensive additional functions make work easier and improve developmental care - personal and detailed advice is part of this for us.

Sensitive and safe technology

Premature babies need highly sensitive technology. The small patients pose great challenges for medical technology. Innovative developments help.

Individualized ventilation options

Artificial respiration is a sensitive issue for the smallest premature babies. New individual solutions provide relief.

Focus on neonatology - for a good start in life

Adaptation difficulties of the child, unforeseeable problems - due to the further development of neonatology, the limit of survivability of prematurely born children has increased enormously. Intensive support of vital bodily functions is provided by medical professionals and sensitive medical technology. Man and machine work hand in hand, so to speak. We are happy to support you and your team in matters of medical technology.


There for you throughout Switzerland

Medical technology in the field of neonatology requires first-class products and services. We are always there for you and as quickly as possible - whether on site or digitally. Your request is in the best hands with us.

Your advantages

  • High security - High-quality product solutions for more safety.
  • Facilitating work - Intelligent systems ensure optimized work processes.
  • Potential savings - Lower costs through innovative and safe medical technology.

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