Anaesthesia - extensive specialist discipline with a lot of responsibility

Whether in the operating theatre, emergency, recovery room or pain therapy

Anesthesia is a key component of optimal patient care. Modern, high-quality and sensitive equipment supports the specialist staff and ensures the best monitoring possibilities even in critical situations.

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Our service for anesthesia

So that your team can concentrate completely on providing the best possible care for your patients, we offer you intelligent systems for comfortable working.


Secure documentation

Automated data management solutions facilitate the work considerably and create more time for patient care.

Networked products

Medical specialties move with the times and development does not stand still - that is why we focus on compatible device solutions.

Modern technology

Professional work under the best conditions - state-of-the-art equipment takes the strain out of everyday work and provides additional safety.

Clinical intelligence

With the appropriate IT solutions for medical technology in anesthesia, we enable economic and efficient care services.

Experience plus technology

In addition to expertise and experience, modern anesthesia now offers a range of possibilities for monitoring patients' condition on the monitor.

In addition, anesthesia equipment or complete anesthesia workplaces are continuously being optimized.

There for you throughout Switzerland

Medical technology in the field of anesthesia demands first-class products and services. We are there for you at any time and immediately - whether on site or digitally. Your request is in the best hands with us.

Your advantages

  • High security – High-quality product solutions for more safety.  
  • Facilitating work – IIntelligent systems ensure optimized work processes.
  • Potential savings – Lower costs through innovative and safe medical technology.

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