Adult anesthesia breathing circuits


Adult Anesthesia Circuits are designed to meet your needs. You have options to choose the type and length of hose, latex or latex free breathing bags, style of face mask and much more. Contact us.

Available Options: :

Wye Pieces: Parallel, Swivel, Bifurcated, with/without Gas Sampling Port Elbows:Plain or with Gas Sampling Port Filters:Inspiratory, Expiratory, or Both HCHs:5701 HCH/Filters:5708, 5708HEPA Face Masks: 5200 and 6800 Series (full range of sizes) Gas Sampling Lines: With or Without Filter Extension Sets: Expandable - 24" and 108" Bag Extension Sets: 40", 72" and 60" ADU Ventilator Circuits:40"