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Technical Services

Anandic employs over skilled employees to provide equipment maintenance solutions. Using these extensive resources, our services include maintenance, repairs,  providing spare parts, product upgrades, technical consultation and training.

Technical Support

Anandic has a staff of technical experts providing support for biomeds, clinicians and nurses to help ensure the optimal availability of equipment.

Service Contracts

Anandic offers a wide range of service options which can be customized to best meet your needs. Anandic secures that all service options are according to the manufacturers  instructions and latest modifications and/or alerts. This can only be guaranteed by the exclusive partner of the reknown manufacturer.

Repair and Maintenance

Anandic is committed to providing prompt maintenance and repair services all over Switzerland. Working with your facility’s biomedical engineers we can provide the service components that you need, including services, such as:

  • maintenance
  • troubleshooting
  • spare parts replacement
  • back up maintenance and repair
  • exchange and "loaner programs"

When needed, we also offers discounted multi-year maintenance programs to help lower your cost of ownership.

Spare Parts

Anandic provides full range of quality, genuine spare parts to help minimize product down-time. The Exchange Program offers factory refurbished spare parts at affordable prices.

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