Thermoflect Reflection Temperature Management


Thermoflect products maintain the patient temperature. The patients own heat is reflected and the patient is protected against cold ambient temperature. The extended range of Thermoflect products include sheets, jackets, headcaps, footsocks, leg covers and complete kits. With Thermoflect you can prevent unintended hypothermia in a simple way, with optimal comfort for your patient. The innovative Thermoflect material reflects patient’s radiant heat, while preventing convective heat loss.

Clinical studies confirm that up to 70% of the patients entering the recovery room are hypothermic (<36°). The prevention is easy.

Thermoflect products are CE marked, class I,  and in accordance with the US "Flammable Fabrics Act".

Thermoflect effectively preserves the patient's own body temperature by reducing the patient’s radiative & convective heat loss. Thermoflect can reduce hypothermia during the pre-operative phase and the incidence of hypothermia during surgery.
The product range offers an easy to use solution for each surgical application. It can be used in the pre-, per- and post-operative phase, during transport and in emergency situations.


Outhospital and intrahospital temperature management by reflection of patient warmth and protection against ambient temperatur.