Fluido® Irrigation - Fluid warmer for urologic procedures


Hypothermia can be reduced by warming irrigation fluids. With the Fluido Irrigation solutions you can deliver large volumes of normothermic irrigation fluids at optimum flow rates.


The Fluido Irrigation Fluido Warmer guarantees the set fluid temperature administered to the patient even when high volume irrigation fluids will be given.

Adjust the temperature to your surgical needs
Simply connect the system and start working the way you are used to, without any changes to your surgical technique. You can adjust the temperature to your surgical needs, from 30°C up to 39°C. It guarantees the set fluid temperature administered to the patient.*

Benefits for the patient
A stable core body temperatue is essential to your patients. It reduces bleeding and will speed up recovery time.

The Powerlifter II takes away the burden of lifting heavy irrigation fluid bags. 

  • Dry infrared warming technology

  • What you set is what you get

  • Temperature setting 30 – 39° -c

  • Normotherm flow 50 – 680 ml/min


Fluido® Powerlifter

  • Electronic operation (battery)
  • Adaptable height 150 – 265 cm
  • Maximal load 30 kg

 The Fluido Irrigation URO Set is a complete set for the first patient of the theatre list, including

  • Fluido Irrigation URO Patient Line
  • Fluido Irrigation URO Spike Set
  • Fluido Irrigation URO Female Cap (Luer Lock bore cap)
  • Backflow valve