Fluido infrared blood and fluid warmer


The Fluido®  is the new generation blood and fluid warmer and a ®evolution in the battle against hypothermia. The Fluido® warms blood and fluids utilising infrared technology. 

The Fluido® is accurate, reliable and user friendly. It provides "intelligent heat", through direct flow and temperature measurements in the cassette, resulting in optimal fluid management.

The Fluido: the warm ®evolution

  • Setpoint is endpoint
  • Flow and volume measurements
  • High and low flows
  • Ready to use in 30 seconds
  • Dry heating technique
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Cardiac floating: maximal electrical safety


 The Fluido® is Cardiac Floating(CF), the highest electrical safety level for medical equipment. Therefore the Fluido® can be applied everywhere, on all catheters and central lines (arterial and venous), even near the heart. The Fluido® can be used safely for any application.

Intelligent heat 
The control thermometer continuously indicates whether the actual temperature at the patientend of the infusion line equals the set temperature. The internal software knows the exact temperature loss in the line and adjusts its heating capacity accordingly. 

The Fluido technology is extremely fast and ultimately safe, and delivers the actual set temperature to the patient. Wet systems in the OR belong to the past.


Heating technique

The Fluido® warms blood and fluids utilising infrared lamps, a new patented technique. Infrared is a dry, fast and accurate method of heating.
This heating technique requires minimal maintenance. The Fluido® performs at all flow rates ranging from 15 to 800 ml/min. This means that the Fluido® can be used for all applications.

The Fluido® is easy to use

All information is visually displayed, including the set temperature as well as the actual flow in ml/min. By simply pushing the multi-purpose key (ml) the flow indicator changes into a volume indicator.

As soon as the Fluido® is switched on and the disposable set is connected and primed, the set temperature will have been reached. The Fluido® performs at all flow rates ranging from 15 to 800 ml/min. The direct heating technique through infrared requires minimal maintenance.



Most efficient combination of Fluido Infusionswarmer, Air Guard Bubble-detector and Pressure chambers with compressor for fast, heated, safe infusion.

The Fluido AirGuard System is a Blood and Fluid Warming system for fast application and high flows. It warms blood and IV fluids in only 30 seconds to the desired temperature. The system is suitable for all applications, from standard to high flow.

 The Fluido Airguard System consists of:

  • Fluido Blood and Fluid Warmer
  • Air Guard
  • Pressure Chambers
  • Compressor
  • IV-Pole