Anandic offers a complete portfolio of products for optimal management of patient temperature in the OR , recovery room and ICU.

The portfolio consists of the unique infusionswarmer Fluido, the Mistral forced air warming blankets, Comfortpad conductive polymer pads, Mistral-Blue conductive water heating and passive warming, reflection Thermoflect sheets.



Mistral forced air. Air warming solution.

Mistral forced air products can be delivered with the top layer material to be white (warming and insulation) or reflectiv (for addtional radiation-retention)-insulation. A blue non-woven fabric, laminated for added strengt is available for the speciality product "the tube".

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Thermoflect - passive reflection warming blankets

With Thermoflect you can prevent unintended hypothermia in a simple way, with optimal comfort for your patient. The innovative Thermoflect material reflects patient’s radiant heat, while preventing convective heat loss.

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Fluido Compact Blood- and fluid warmer

The Fluido Compact is easy to use, safe and cost effective with an outstanding performance for daily use.

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Fluido Infrared blood and fluid warmer

The Fluido®  is the new generation blood and fluid warmer and a ®evolution in the battle against hypothermia. The Fluido® warms blood and fluids utilising infrared technology This technique is extremely fast and ultimately safe,

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Fluido Irrigation - Urology fluid warmer

The 37° Company offers Fluido Irrigation, a fluid warmer in combination with disposable Fluido Irrigation URO Sets for different irrigation procedures.

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Anandic A-Line single use tenperature probes

Portfolio of disposable temperature sensors. High quality, excellent pricing.

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