What is a technology partnership?


Basic elements of the partnership

  • optimization
  • Inventory and demand analyzes
  • Comparison with the strategic orientation
  • technology security
  • State-of-the-art systems through regular device renewal
  • Performing available updates and upgrades
  • operational safety
  • Full maintenance including spare parts
  • Availability guarantee of at least 95 percent
  • Financial planning security
  • Constant flat rate over contract period

A technology partnership with Anandic / GE Healthcare goes far beyond the procurement of medical technology and its service. It is a modular and partnership-based deployment model, which aims at a fixed-price device management that is optimized over the entire life cycle.

In addition to the latest medical technology and service, the "all-round carefree package" of a technology partnership includes consulting, planning and optimization of the technology and equipment park. Within the framework of the Technology Partnership Agreement, we include the price, technology and management risks as well as the interest rate of the financing. The contract model provides you with maximum security while at the same time applying state-of-the-art technology standards, high availability of the devices, and financial predictability. In principle, a technology partner is useful for any medical facility with a certain device stock.

The technology partnership can be concluded over a minimum duration of seven years for individual departments as well as for the entire hospital.

Your advantages

Improved competitiveness and profitability

  • Ensuring high-end medical technology
  • Access to innovation
  • Defined system availability
  • Direct assumption of responsibility for existing equipment
  • Budgets Security & Cost Efficiency
  • flexibility

How to create added value and competitive advantages?

Each technology partnership is unique and is based on a detailed inventory and needs analysis. In line with the clinical strategy, we derive the technology strategy and the corresponding optimization potential.

What is the future equipment requirement? Which level of technology can be represented economically?

When is it economically and / or clinically meaningful to exchange a system? How can the equipment park be operated economically? Can workflows be digitized and patient flows optimized? How can the equipment be integrated into the IT landscape? All of these are important questions about the development of a tailor-made solution. We develop different scenarios and discuss them with you and the users.

The financing model then results from the selected equipment and service concept. A constant, contractually agreed rate throughout the lifetime gives you financial security.

Management-team member Mr. A. Tehrani is the contact partner for cooperation within a technology partnership.