Easy on-PC PC spirometer


For those searching for a fully-integrated PC-driven spirometer, the Easy on-PC is a clinically proven solution. The Easy-on PC leverages our trusted TrueFlow™ technology that delivers unprecedented accuracy and reliable results without needing calibration. Real-time graphs and animated incentive screens enhance the user experience, encouraging child and adult patients to help them achieve optimal results.Calibration-free & Quick Spirometry

  • TrueFlow™ technology, high-quality & optimized components and Swiss precision-manufacturing deliver quick & accurate results without calibration.
  • Quality Feedback & Interpretation
  • Simplify testing using the instant test quality feedback and interpretation platform.
  • Real-Time Animated Graphs and Incentives
  • Interactive software displays, animated incentive screens and real-time graphs encourage child and adult patients to help them achieve maximum results.
  • EMR Connectivity & Customized Settings. The flexibility of settings permits customized solutions including EMR/EHR integration to meet your individual needs. 

Vorteile der ndd-Technologie

  • Whether your are in or outside your office, you always get optimal results with Easy on-PC, which is designed for maximum robustness under any condition.
  • Avoid cross-contamination and reduce cleaning to an absolute minimum with the single-patient-use spirette.
  • With our simple but smart pediatric incentives children quickly understand what to do. This shortens your testing time and helps you achieve good quality spirometry results – and the children have fun doing the test.
  • Get automatic quality grading and interpretation Quality grades based on NLHEP and ATS/ERS for all tests with the Easy on-PC.
  • Stay compliant with ATS/ERS standards and specific country regulations.
  • With our integrated commenter you can easily define standard comments and quickly add them to your patient's results.
  • Customize available standard provocation protocols for your needs or create your own. You can easily install the customized provocation protocol on your ndd devices.
  • Customize reports and chose the parameters to be displayed.
  • Stop worrying about calibration or accuracy of flow measurements. TrueFlow™ is the only ultrasound technology proven to be accurate for a lifetime for flow and volume measurements.
  • The first in line for newly published predicted values: EasyOne® devices are used in predicted studies worldwide (e.g. LUNOKID, ALAT).