EasyOne Pro. High-end spirometry incl. difussion.


EasyOne Pro is the first product that applies ndd "TrueFlow", "MolMass" and "UPG" simultaneously. A sensational instrument in desktop format top perform high spirometry, DLCO single breath diffusion and UPG.

The EasyOne Pro™ Respiratory Analysis System is used to conduct slowand forced spirometry on adults and children. Measurement of Diffusing Capacity of the lung based on CO (DLCO) can be performed on adults and children (starting at age 6) and forced spirometry on adults and children

A lustomers reference quote:

"Respiratory Testing Services is pleased to confirm that we have been using EasyOne Pro, manufactured and supplied by ndd Medizintechnik AG, Switzerland, for almost a year. It replaced previous equipment from another supplier because the EasyOne Pro had several advantages over its predecessor. We further certify and confirm that the EasyOne Pro supplied to us is accurate, stable, portable and very user friendly. We have been so pleased with the unit that we have ordered a second machine".

EasyOne is the first and only equipment developed based on the newly introduced DLCO simulator, the accepted world standard.

  • ndd technology is world wide proven and is the accepted new way of doing lung function testing

Near patient Helium measurement

The ndd patented state of the art Helium determination based on ultrasound transit time measurement.

Helium is determined precisely and at exactly the same time as the fl ow, the same patented sensor measures fl ow and Helium.


The above defined instrument is based on ndd patented TrueFlow technology. It has been produced with the most stringent quality assurance procedure including the final pre delivery quality check.The quality is well within the ATS / ERS standards.



EasyOne Pro LAB - DLCO and MBW Ready to Go

The EasyOne Pro LAB delivers spirometry, single-breath CO diffusion and additionally multiple-breath nitrogen washout to obtain complete lung volumes, DLCO, FRC and parameters for ventilation inhomogeneity.

  • Robust, automatic calibration
  • Color touch-screen interface
  • Complies with all standard of ATS and ERS
  • Highly portable
  • Small footprint