Giraffe SPOT PT Lite Phototherapy System

GE Healthcare’s new Giraffe SPOT PT Lite Phototherapy System is a compact and lightweight – yet powerful – alternative to other phototherapy units. Mounting flexibility allows the system to be bundled with all Giraffe and Panda® infant care beds. With the Giraffe SPOT PT Lite, and the BiliBlanket® High Output fiber optic pad, GE provides the most complete portfolio of phototherapy products for effective treatment of hyper-bilirubinemia – meeting the 2004 AAP Guidelines for intensive phototherapy. * The innovative SPOT PT Lite system is part of the Giraffe developmental care product line – designed with both the newborn and the caregiver in mind. You see, GE shares your devotion for promoting infant health and develop­mental care. We call it Maternal-Infant Care Re-imagined.

Innovation in a little pack

Designed to be used in both the NICU and the Well Baby Nursery, the Giraffe SPOT PT Lite provides intensive phototherapy for infants. In incubators, warmers, bassinets. As part of GE’s Giraffe platform, the SPOT PT Lite was designed to promote developmental care for the newborn. The compact size and mounting options allow for fast, easy positioning, saving on both time and space.It’s friendly to caregivers and parents.SPOT light on innovation• High Intensity Phototherapy Focused, higher phototherapy dosage is delivered to the newborn, not the surrounding area of the bed.


Removable head – For seamless use with incubators

Light weight – Only 2.2 lbs for exceptional maneuverability

Ultra compact – Small footprint takes minimal space

Adjustable height – By up to 18 in

Lamp unit tilt – Up to 90° tilt, allowing use in conjunction with a radiant warmer

Omnidirectional, small wheels – Slide under most bassinets or warmers

Quiet operation – Designed with no fan and no other mechanical moving parts

Innovative optical design – Minimizes spill light outside the bed


  • Spectral Irradiance

    • High irradiance mode: > 45 µW•cm-2•nm-1

    • Low irradiance mode: > 22 µW•cm-2•nm-1

  • Long lasting LED Lamps: LED Lamps are rated to last up to 50,000 hours at high power

  • Minimal noise with a maximum Noise Level of 22.4dB(A)

  • Small footprint

  • RoHS (Reduction of hazardous substance) compliant