NICVIEW - only being there is better

Live video for families of newborn babys


The birth of a newborn family member is an exciting and emotional moment.

However, if the newborn has to be treated on an NICU - neonatal intensive care unit - during it's first days, weeks or months, the emotional interaction between child and family is disrupted. NICVIEW was developped to optimise the social interaction between parents/other family members and baby during the NICU stay.Making parents feel more involved strengthens trusting relationships and provides reassurance, allowing healthcare professionals to focus on the job of caring for their NICU patients. This simple device provides a value-added service for parents and relatives, increasing patient satisfaction.

Natus Medical - a leading company for newborn care - developped the video concept suppporting family centric nursing of newborn .

The discrete postioned camera is mounted near the baby in the hospital or delivery home and shows live scenes of the baby around the clock. Families can observe their child at any time through the secured internet video stream.

The ultimate private pictures of the babys is secured through a special coding software. Specific name and passwords are distributed by the caregiver. No viewing data is being archived.


Through NICVIEW parents are more involved and have better chances to build up a relation with their newbonr child also during the intensive treatment phase in an NICU. The nursing staff has control over the casmeras at all time - cameras can be switched off.

  • SL identification
  • No archiving of videos, no newborn related data
  • Privacy assured as parents can olnly access the camera of their newborn's bed
  • The NICU decided on the positoning of the camera and the video streaming times
  • The nursing staff can switch to private mode.

A video on NICVIEW can be seen under