CFM Olympic Brainz Monitor

Simplifying continuous Bedside Cerebral  Function Monitoring




Neonatal and pediatric intensive care monitoring of brain function. 

A product that will change the way you administer care to the most delicate of patients. The Olympic Brainz Monitor (OBM) provides continuous cerebral function monitoring at your fingertips. The easy-to-use system with easy-to-apply electrodes provides quick and simple routine bedside monitoring. System-based online help provides a step-by-step guide for both setup and patient preparation, allowing you to start monitoring inminutes. The large 17" touchscreen allows for easier review of patient data at the bedside. It’s as easy as:
•  plug in the unit
• apply the electrodes
• start recording

Cerebral Function Monitoring (CFM) applications

CFM is becoming a standard of care in the NICU for neuromonitoring. The OBM’s proven track record provides optimal cerebral function monitoring solutions and may have useful prognostic indication for the following newborn conditions:

• Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE)
• Newborns receiving therapeutic hypothermia
• Preterm newborns
• Infants with Intraventricular Hemorrhage (IVH)
• Monitoring newborns with confirmed or suspected seizure activity
• Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome (NAS)
• Surgical and Cardiac newborns
• Newborns with inborn errors of metabolism
• Sedated and ventilated newborns



Two unique automated software applications assist in recognizing background patterns and indicate if
seizure activity may be present. These automated software applications provide data and alerts at the bedside, indicating to clinicians a change in cerebral function. They also provide useful information during clinical consultation. CFMsight provides enhanced signal display for easier trace interpretation. With the OBM, the newborn can remain in the NICU for their basic neurological assessment.

Additional features

  • CFMsight provides enhanced signal display for easier trace interpretation
  • RecogniZe and BPc software notification alerts draw the attention of the caregiver to suspected seizure activity or changes in the background pattern
  • Customizable, time-stamped markers help track bedside caregiving activities, making reviewing easy and efficient either at the bedside or when viewed remotely
  • Continuous impedance view provides the caregiver with immediate information about potential contact issues with individual electrodes
  • Disposable hydrogel and low-impedance needle electrodes are supported through standard touchproof connectors
  • Easy to archive, restore, review and share patient data using the dedicated OBM Viewer software
  • Network printer connectivity

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