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Lullaby Resus Plus - neonatal ventilatory support

For resuscitation. The easy, affordable way to help save the lives of precious infants


In spite of welcome advances in neonatal care over the last decade, birth asphyxia remains a leading cause of infant death worldwide. There simply hasn’t been widespread access to a resuscitation solution offering clinical performance, ease of use and affordability. But now there’s a solution that delivers all three: Lullaby* Resus Plus from GE Healthcare, a world leader in neonatal and developmental care.


The clinical performance you demand Gas-powered, AAP/ILCOR-compliant and fully compatible with our high-performance Lullaby Warmers,

Lullaby Resus Plus equips your caregivers to combat birth asphyxia. Perhaps most important, Lullaby Resus Plus helps ensure adequate pressure delivery and oxygenation, thanks to capabilities such as these: 

  • Precise monitoring of, and control over, Peak Inspiratory Pressure (PIP), for safe and comfortable inspiration
  • Fine adjustment of Positive End Expiration Pressure (PEEP) to ease exhalation
  • Reliable pressure valves to vent excess PIP and limit PEEP
  • Accurate oxygen blending to avert delivery of 100% oxygen
  • Both T-piece and bag-and-mask patient interfaces