Ceramotherm radiant heaters


Babies, infants and under certain circum-stances adults, need support in order to maintain their body temperature. This applies equally to adult theatre recovery patients as to the small infant during a longer examination. Newborn and preterm babies being especially vulnerable, require a maximum amount of heat and protection. Their metabolism is immature and they are extremely sensitive to temperature changes and other ambient influences. All these patients require an efficient and safe heating source.  

With CERAMOTHERM 3000 the chosen radiant intensity is definied in mW/cm².

With the Ceratherm 3000 the present effective intensity of the heat radiation can be viewed from the display.


 Radiant Warmers CERAMOTHERM are the result of nearly 40 years of continuous development in the medical use of infrared radiation. Convenient handling and function, comfortable operation as well as a safe use are the priorities of this radiant warmer.

Efficient warming - Individual selection of intensity The radiant warmer Ceramotherm  keeps the patient warm efficiently and securely. The invisible infrared heat does not distort the appearance of the patient´s skin colour, allowing for accurate clinical examination. The requirement of heat varies from patient to patient. Physical conditions like shock or fever may be relevant. Therefore physicians and nursing staff can select the radiation intensity according to the patient's needs. Both the selected intensity as well as the actual emitted intensity are displayed defined in mW/cm². Staff are able to regularly check the patient's physical values and adjust the emitted radiation (heat) intensity accordingly. The response of the patient to the adjustments in the given heat therapy contributes to a clear diagnosis and successful treatment.