Variotherm Rea-KCE 


Infant care system for postnatal care, resuscitation and intensive care of unclothed babies

During postnatal care and resuscitation of newborn and pre-term babies the first minutes after birth are decisive. There must be available all the equipment to clear the airway, to apply oxygen or even to ventilate the baby if necessary. Above all, however, the baby requires warming in order to adapt to the new environment. The infant care system VARIOTHERM REA-KCE has been specifically designed for these conditions, allowing full access for the procedures to be carried out in this situation.

The infant care system is equipped with an under-pad heating device and an infra-red radiant warmer. Upgraded with specific accessories it can be used for the warming therapy or intensive care of pre-term babies.


The solid trolley has 4 large anti-static castors which can be locked in any position. So it is very easy to move the infant care system around. Additional bumpers avoid damage to the device and the furniture. The desired working height can simply be adjusted by easily accessible foot pedals. These can be arranged at choice at the front or either side of the device.

Head-up/feet down or feet up/head down position

The patient area can be inclined into head-up/feet down or feet up/head down position very quickly. Raised sides prevent the infant from trundling out of the bassinet.

Enough storing space

For storing accessories a shelf or two large drawers can be integrated in the trolley. make your optimal choice and intergate what you need.

Sophisticated perspex wall assembly

All perspex walls can be folded down and up again by one hand. Tubings and leads are fed through the grommets in the rear wall. Two perspex safety side walls which are part of the basic configuration of the device secure the patient when the side walls are folded down. In case of side walls folded up these safety walls improve the thermal conditions, similar to the well-known double- wall effect. During treatment they can be retracted into the bassinet.

Under-pad heating device with anti-decubitus gel pad

The comfortable warmth of the conductive under-pad heating device with anti-decubitus gel pad warms up even hypothermic infants quickly and efficiently. The standard temperature selection range of 35° to 37° can be increased via safety lock to 30° to 38.5°. Selected and actual temperature are displayed as well as the residual heat when the device is switched-off. Alarms are provided for high and low temperature, system faults and power failure. A separate safety circuit switches off the heating in the case of fault.

Swivelling radiant warmer

The radiant warmer CERAMOTHERM provides additional efficient and safe warming. Long-life ceramic heating elements supply infrared radiation which is evenly distributed over the patient area.. The radiation spectrum is in the far, invisible and well tolerated infra-red B range.Two fluorescent lamps illuminate the patient area evenly. The natural light spectrum guarantees an excellent visual assessment of the patient. In order to avoid that patient or user are dazzled by the light we very consciously refrained from using focussed halogen or LED light. For X-ray the warmner can be swiveled away.