Thermocare Warming beds Series


Warming beds for our little ones – cosy and safe

All newborn infants require a warm and cosy environment, especially so preterm babies who have an extended and urgent need of devotion, warmth and shelter. The examination and treatment areas should therefore be equipped in such a way that these small patients feel as comfortable as possible.


Warming bed with under-pad heating static height or height-adjustable.


Thermocare K

Equipped with under-pad heating device the unit is used as warming bed for the thermal support, application of oxygen and for keeping the baby warm during phototherapy. THERMOCARE devices are designed as closed systems with high perspex walls and canopy. The range of base devices and accessories is fully compatible and with the modular design principle the user can choose whichever system is required for the best application in the baby unit, delivery room and intensive care unit.

The large electrically powered height adjustment facility allows the user to adjust the patient area to a comfortable working level. The operating foot pedals can be mounted either to the front or/and at the side of the device. For storing accessories a shelf or two large drawers can be integrated in the trolley. In adddition an oxygen or/and compressed air bottle can be fitted at the rear of the trolley. The patient area can be brought into the required tilting position very quickly by one hand. Raised sides prevent the infant from trundling out of the bassinet.