EVE neo - Ventilation for neonates


The EVE-neo by Stephan Medizintechnik is the mobile respirator for smallest children.

  • Integrated, very quiet turbine
  • Configurable, personalized user interface
  • CO2 measurement in the main and secondary flow process
  • Masimo Rainbow Spo2 technology
  • Available with various disposable patient circuit systems
  • The Duopap mode allows spontaneous breathing at all pressure levels
  • Synchronized non-invasive ventilation using an external trigger (abdominal motion sensor)
  • Proximal flow sensor with Vt up to 2 ml for synchronized ventilation
  • Leakage-compensated trigger

EVEneo - developped for the smallest patients.

With its rugged compact design and a weight of 6 kg, EVE is perfectly suited for mobile use. Various brackets allow the easy installation of EVE in rescue vehicles or helicopters. EVE is also excellently suited for clinical transport - brackets and trolleys are available. Battery life up to 6 hours.