Conceptnatal incubator covers and positioning aids with high-tex materials


IncuCap® is available for following incubator models:  GE-Anandic Giraffe Omnibed, GE-Anandic Giraffe Incubator, Dräger Isolette, Airshield C2000, Dräger 8000IC, Dräger Caleo, Dräger BabyLeo,Atom Dual Incu I, Atom Incu I, Atom V2100, Weyer Vita, Ardo Amelie Star, Dräger TI500, Atom V-808.

IncuCap® - Innovative incubator cover made of high-tex material

IncuCap Is made of a 3-layered functional specialty knit fabric. A highly elastic, breathable membrane in the core assures the incubator cover’s imperviousness to light. The 3D knit spacing fabric underneath ensures optimum noise attenuation, provides an antislip effect and permanently retains the cover’s shape. Additionally, the material is characterised by low weight. Tiny silver ions on the textile fibre do not give pathogens the slightest chance. When a germ hits the textile surface the silver ions interfere with its cell physiology, resulting in an interruption of the cell’s metabolism and ultimate death. The effectiveness has been confirmed by scientific research. The number of germs on intelligent materials, compared with textiles that are not equipped with this additional functionality,is reduced by more than 99 %. Anti-microbial activity remains nearly unchanged even after 80 washing cycles. IncuCap®has been tested and certified according to Oeko-Tex® Standard 100, is bi-elastic, breathable, washable up to 95 °C and suitable for tumble-drying.
The anti-slip (silicone) interior lining is neutral so that the child can be evaluated without any interfering influences. Access to the infant is flexible and ensured by 4 side and 2 head/foot flaps. Optionally available with an opening flap for phototherapy lamps.


Bilicap® - Covers for phototherapy made of high-tex material

BiliCap® is made of a 3-layered functional specialty knit fabric. A highly elastic, breathable membrane in the core assures the phototherapy cover’s imperviousness to light. The 3D knit spacing fabric underneath ensures optimum noise attenuation, provides an anti-slip effect and permanently retains the cover’s shape. Additionally, the material is characterised by low weight and contains an active substance with permanently antimicrobial effect.

BiliCap® optimally shields the surrounding treatment places against the high light intensity while providing fast and fl exible access via 4 side and 2 head/foot fl aps. The one-size design allows fl exible use, fi tting all
incubator models commonly available on the market. BiliCap® is certifi ed according to Oeko-Tex® Standard
100, washable up to 95 °C and suitable for tumble-drying. Guaranteed permanence of function and colour even in the case of frequent laundering. Available in 2 colours with individual ornaments and embroidery.


Positioning aid. Phototherapy wrap - Bilitex®

Our Bilitex® positioning aid specifically developed for phototherapy. Particularly during therapeutic phases the little patients are prone to stretch patterns and nervous movements due to lack of muscle tone and the unbounded surroundings, which cost a lot of energy. With the Bilitex® positioning aid the preemie experiences a secure and flexible environment during the therapy, which allows the infant to adopt a relaxed position. The innovative textile material features a special mesh structure with 85% permeability to the high-intensity radiation spectrum. In addition, the knit fabric is very soft and breathable – the desired size can be individually adjusted using a flexible closure (Velcro®). We have developed this product in collaboration with the University Hospital Tübingen. The work of the neonatal ward is oriented to the development promoting
and individualised training programmes of the NIDCAP whose pioneering guidelines have been adopted.

  • Innovative knit fabric with 85% permeability for intensive phototherapy
  • in the wavelength range of 450-470 nm
  • Special fit with closed, elastic foot-piece ensures flexible limitation
  • Arm and shoulder section with individually adjustable loop supports
  • orientation towards the body’s centre line
  • Ease of use due to flexible Velcro® closure
  • Breathable and thermostatic
  • 5 sizes: S <800g, M >800g - 1,200g, L >1,200g - 2,000g, XL >2,000g - 3,000g, XXL >3,000g
  • Individually packaged / 100% PES / 10 items per pack for each size
  • Tested and certified according to Oeko-Tex®Standard 100
  • Developed and made in Germany


Positioning nest - Comfy®

Innovative positioning aids in four different sizes. They stabilise, are very soft, extremely hygienic and support the infant’s neurophysiological maturation through appropriate body orientation. While supportive positioning in prone, supine and side-lying positions promotes musculoskeletal development, it also conveys a sense of security and comfort.

The specially designed head and foot pieces can be individually adjusted, with stabilisation facilitated by snap fasteners. This frees NICU nurses from the need to use makeshift solutions that consume a lot of time and effort. This product has been developed in collaboration with the University Hospital Tübingen as well. The work of the neonatal ward is oriented to the development-promoting and individualised training programmes of the NIDCAP whose pioneering guidelines have been adopted.


Prone postioning cushion - Birdy®

Our prone positioning cushions support the infant in a position that is oriented towards the body’s centre line and promote a better balance between the flexor and extensor muscles. The cushion is shaped to support the natural curvature of the shoulders, hand-mouth coordination and optimum alignment of the head and body. The little patients thus achieve a relaxed, flexed position without exerting too much pressure on the knees and elbows. Cut-outs on either side of the prone-positioning cushion allow the baby’s bent arms to rest. The support provided to the pelvis makes it easier to pull up the legs. Available in four different sizes the birdy prone-positioning cushion is the ideal complement to our comfy positioning nest.


Cover for heated beds - Nesty®

Warmth and comfort right from the beginning with our positioning nests specifically developed for the various warming systems.The innovative nest cover is suitable for use of warming pads and water mattresses, and supports the thermal treatment of preterm and new-born infants. The soft positioning ring on the headpiece is fixed to the bed’s surface and can be flexibly adjusted to the baby’s head size by means of press fasteners – supporting the baby’s position and giving the little patient a sense of security and comfort. The nest cover comes in various patterns and satisfies all clinical washing and hygienic requirements.


Positioning aid for fiberoptic phototherapy pads - Biliswaddler®

  • Development-promoting care practically anywhere, be it in the newborn intensive care unit, nursery or at home. During the therapy session the baby can be breast fed or held without impairing the bonding between the infant and its parents.
  • One Swaddler size for all commonly used phototherapy fibre optics pads such as those from GE Healthcare, Natus Medical, Atom Medical, etc.
  • Soft cushioning (3D knit fabric) for pressure relief and support of moisture management for optimum climatic control
  • Innovative Interlock-fabric (80% CO, 20% PES Trevira bioactive®) with a permananet antimicrobial effect is gentle and prevents skin irritation+BiliSwaddler can be used in a baby bed or in the arms of a caregiver (kangaroo care).
  • Simple, flexible Velcro® fastener for infinitely variable adjustment of fit+Very good visual access and quick exposure in case of emergencies
  • Tested and certified according to Oeko-Tex®Standard100+Washable at 60 °C with disinfectant laundry loads and tumble drying
  • Made in Germany


Positioning aid Traveller

The first journey in safety and comfort using our innovative positioning aid for mobile incubators. Quickly and easily connected to the mobile unit, it provides the tiny patient with a reassuring sense of security and well-being. Individually adjustable straps stabilise and support the infant’s position.

The purpose-developed mattress material ensures effective vibration damping. The head and foot pieces can be individually adjusted to the baby’s particular situation and thus help to reduce sensory overstimulation during transport.


Restraint security system for Transport incubator
Traveller RS

Safe and secure on the first journey with our innovative restraint system for the transport incubator: Quickly and easily connected to the transport unit, the Traveller RS provides safety and well-being for the little patient - the Traveller RS stabilises and supports the optimal positioning with individually adjustable side straps.

The specially developed mattress material guarantees effective vibration damping. The head and foot sections can be individually adjusted to the respective situation of the child, thus helping to reduce sensory overstimulation during transport.

The Traveller RS complies with the standards DIN EN 1789:2007+A2:2014 and DIN EN 13976-2:2018 Chapter 4.11 as a restraint system for infants in ambulances as well as for air transport EASA CS-23-561, EASA CS-25-561, EASA CS-27-561 and EASA CS-29-561.