Monivent Neo100

Ensuring adequate ventilation is one of the most important factors when taking care of a newborn in need of respiratory support at birth.

Monivent Neo100 is a solution for wireless monitoring and guidance during manual ventilation of newborns. Parameters that previously could only be estimated can now be measured accurately. The Monivent Neo100 gives continuous, real-time feedback on several ventilation parameters, including tidal volume and leakage, enabling the caregiver to adjust treatment and support safe and gentle ventilation of newborns.


Key Features and Benefits

  • Color coded guidance on VTe supports ventilation within the volume target range.

  • Sensor Module LED gives VTe guidance allowing the caregiver to focus on the baby.

  • Real-time feedback on VTe and PIP help to identify and adjust for changes in lung compliance, and identify critical clinical conditions.

  • Clear feedback on a selected number of parameters for easy interpretation of data.

  • Wireless data transfer reduces need for cables on resuscitation table.

  • Add-on to existing ventilation equipment with minimal impact on clinical routines.

  • Ready for use within seconds.

  • Increases caregivers’ confidence in providing the best quality of care.