Ventilation of neonates, babies and pediatric patients


Biomed O2/Air Blender

are designed specifically with the NICU in mind. It comes with two flow meters close mounted to the body of the blender and takes up far less wall space than when flow meters are attached to a standard Low Flow blender.

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ETCO2- breath indicators

Fast, durable colorimetric breath indicators for visualization of exhaled CO2 to assist in verifying proper intubation. Neo-StatCO2 is especially designed for neonates (0.25 kg to 6 kg) 

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NeoTee infant T-piece resuscitator

The only disposable infant T-piece resuscitator delivering positive-pressure ventilation to your infant patients. With convenient in-line viewing  and reliable, easy to read  airway pressure dial.

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Easy Flow nCPAP 

For a gentle, non invasive ventilation, especially with premature and newborn infants, prongs and masks that fit perfectly are of utmost importance. 

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Lullaby Resus Plus

T-piece resuscitation that is easy, designed for safety and economical to use.

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Giraffe Star Infant Resuscitation

The Giraffe Stand-alone infant resuscitation system gives you fast and easy access to an integrated solution you need for the effective resuscitation of newborns. Easily portable, it can be set-up virtually anywhere you need it, from Labor and Delivery to NICU to the well-baby nursery.

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Monivent Neo100

Ensuring adequate ventilation is one of the most important factors when taking care of a newborn in need of respiratory support at birth. Monivent Neo100 provides feedback and guidance during manual ventilation of newborns.

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EVE neo

The EVEneo by Stephan Medizintechnik is neo- and infant ventilator with Duopap mode. Duopap allows spontaneous ventilation on all pressure levels. EVE allows synchronized non-invasive ventilation using an external trigger (abdominal motion sensor). The EVE with proximal flow sensor ventilates synchronized with Vt up to 2 ml.

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SLE 6000

The care of infants and especially of premature babies is particularly demanding. Their unique physiological and developmental needs require specialized and precise treatment. The special lung protection features of the SLE 6000 include its own high-frequency oscillation ventilation (HFOV) using proprietary bi-directional jets.



Carescape R860

The Carescape R860 is an innovative ventilation device for adults, children and neonates, which offers you comprehensive solutions for a lung-protective ventilation strategy. The use of exceptionally advanced measurement methods to evaluate the patient's lung volume, the possibility of recruiting and the titration of the appropriate PEEP value was considerably simplified.

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