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Maternal and infant care

Our porfolio of maternal-infant care soltions cover CTG, Datamanagement tools, heattherapy, neo-natal monitoring and ventilation and all services related to this sensitive healthcare segment. Anandic represent the most prestigeous manufacturers in this delicate field requiring so much dedicated competence. Please select the area of your intrest from the menu.




Giraffe Omnibed NICU Carestation

Stress is one thing a fragile, critically ill baby does not need. Transferring fragile infants between open bed warmers and incubators has always been one source of stress...until today. Introducing the Giraffe OmniBed by GE Healthcare. Giraffe Omnibed is a thermally controlled environment that converts from an open bed warmer to a closed incubator at the touch of a button.

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Giraffe Incubator Carestation

The GE Healthcare Giraffe® Warmer is designed to meet the needs of the NICU patient and clinician along with the Giraffe Incubator and Giraffe OmniBed.® The revolutionary heater design eliminates a large overhead heater making it easier to observe the patient and perform procedures such as X-ray examinations and even surgery.

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Giraffe Warmer -open unit -  
Panda - Resuscitation unit -

The Giraffe® Warmer is designed to meet the needs of the NICU patient and clinician along with the Giraffe Incubator and Giraffe OmniBed. The Panda is the open resuscitation unit. The revolutionary heater design eliminates a large overhead heater making it easier to observe the patient and perform procedures such as X-ray examinations and even surgery.

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Giraffe Shuttle Transportsystem

Giraffe Shuttle is an addon to the Giraffe incubator/warmer and Panda warmer: it  allows the battery supported transfer of the bed from one hospital care area to another without disturbing the baby … resulting in improved thermal and physiological stability; reduced handling and chance of mishap.  Less stress for baby and family.  One baby, one bed from delivery to discharge.

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Thermocare K Warming bed

ll newborn infants require a warm and cosy environment, especially so preterm babies who have an extended and urgent need of devotion, warmth and shelter. The examination and treatment areas should therefore be equipped in such a way that these small patients feel as comfortable as possible.

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Variotherm Rea-KCE

The alternative for fixed installed heaters is the mobile unit Variotherm Rea. The Variotherm can be used everywhere and enables location independent observation and treatment of new born. The babys can be transported to the mother's ward or treatment rooms.

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Ceramotherm Radiant heater

The radiant infrared warmer Ceramotherm keeps the patient warm efficiently and securely. The invisible infrared heat does not distort the appearance of the patient´s skin colour, allowing for accurate clinical examination.

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Convenience Thermocare

With the heated mattrass from the Thermocare series the babys get warmth and  a secure feeling. The Convenience Thermocare can be used on any working place.

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Cosytherm2 neonatal warming system

Management of body temperature in neonates is often challenging. Active warming of pre-term infants can reduce complications and improve outcomes. We have introduced a variant to our existing Patient Warming System specifically designed for neonatal application.

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Voyager Airborne Transportincubator

Together with International Biomedical we design and build together with your individual best in class transport system; for aviation, for ground transport, for combined use. Choice your patientmonitor, your specific ventilator, your type of oxygen and air supply, your uniterrupted type of voltage supply. We build it.

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Lullaby Phototherapy System

Excellent clinical performance- effortlessly achieved, for a lifetime of savings. The Lullaby* LED equips you to deliver high-intensity phototherapy to treat this potentiallyhazardous condition hazardous condition.

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 CTG Wehenschreiber Corometrics 250

Giraffe Blue Spot PT Lite Phototherapy System

GE Healthcare’s new Giraffe SPOT PT Lite Phototherapy System is a compact and lightweight – yet powerful – alternative to other phototherapy units. Mounting flexibility allows the system to be bundled with all Giraffe and Panda® infant care beds.

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Bilisoft Phototherapy

BiliSoft™ LED Phototherapy System is the next generation LED and fiberoptic based technology for treatment of indirect hyperbilirubinemia in newborns. Its increased surface area, high spectral irradiance, and long lasting blue narrow-band LED light are the features that are needed for intensive, efficacious phototherapy as recommended by AAP Guidelines

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Corometrics Cardiotocographs CTG

Sleek, compact and lightweight fetal monitors for antepartum of fetal heart and uterine activity made with the quality you expect from Corometrics. Wide beam 9-crystal Nautilus watertight ultrasound transducers provide the fetal heart rate and acquire the signal easily and quickly.

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GE Healthcare Neonatal/Infant Patientmonitoring

GE Healthcare Carescape and Procare are patientmonitoring-solutions for delivering clinical intelligence at the desired time and place, helping hospitals and care providers enhance their performance. By integrating the entire information lifecycle-from procurement and storage to management and distribution-CARESCAPE/PROCARE creates a seamless landscape of clinical intelligence. For neonates up to adults.

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Olympic Brainz Monitor OBM

Understanding an infant’s brain health is a critical part of your treatment decisions. Use of continuous Cerebral Function Monitoring provides vital information to clinicians to assist with earlier diagnosis and treatment — the Olympic Brainz Monitor is the optimal CFM solution for fast & simple routine bedside monitoring.

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Giraffe Star Infant Resuscitation

The Giraffe Stand-alone infant resuscitation system gives you fast and easy access to an integrated solution you need for the effective resuscitation of newborns. Easily portable, it can be set-up virtually anywhere you need it, from Labor and Delivery to NICU to the well-baby nursery.

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Biomed O2/Air blender

BioMed Devices is one of the largest manufacturers of O2 / Air blenders. Anandic Medical Systems AG is able to configure the blenders, mounting brackets and attachments at the customer's request. Especially in neonatology and obstetrics, the issue of a regulated O2 delivery is becoming more and more important.

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SLE 6000 Infant-Hybrid-Ventilator

The SLE6000’s specialist lung-protective features include SLE’s own High Frequency Oscillation Ventilation (HFOV) using proprietary bidirectional jets, Pressure Support Ventilation (PSV), Volume Targeted Ventilation (VTV) and a choice of non-invasive ventilation modes (NIV) including High Flow Therapy.

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Carescape R860 Ventilator

The GE Healthcare CARESCAPE R860 ist an innovatives Ventilator for Neonates, Infants and adults, offering extended features for lungprotective, conventional ventilation.

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EVE neo - Ventilation for neonates 

 The EVE-neo by Stephan Medizintechnik is the mobile respirator for smallest children. Turbine driven, quiet and performing als mobile and desktop infant ventilator.


Conceptnatal - exceptional postioning high-tex materials

And what about the tiny patients’ feelings? At conceptnatal, we assist you in addressing the emotional side of providing the type of care that gives preterm babies optimum chances for a successful start. Proven in daily NICU use, our products ease your workload and mitigate the effects of medical monitoring technology on the infant.

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