Carescape Network. Providing patient care. 


The Carescape Network is the backbone for secured, reliable real-time patient monitoring.
Not all networks are created the same. Networks that transport patient data, especially real-time data, require meticulous design and thoughtful implementation. GE’s Carescape™ Network implemented as a segregated network delivers a robust and expandable platform for today and in the future. Based on the Ethernet IEEE Std 802.3™-2005, IEEE Standard for Information technology and utilizing off-the-shelf networking equipment from companies like Cisco® and HP®, the Carescape Network was designed to meet our customers’ communication requirements.

The Carescape Network, which is a standards-based Ethernet network, transmits real-time patient data. Also, relevant clinical details – including numerics, waveforms and drug interaction data – are available to caregivers on various workstations or other devices connected to the network. Many of the GE Healthcare monitors – including ApexPro™ telemetry and the Carescape modular monitors, as well as other care solutions like the Carescape Central Station, dedicated & calibrated Printers, Carescape Gateway and Mobile Care Web Viewer – connect via the Carescape Network.

Flexible and secure

GE’s real-time and near-real-time information exchange networks provide reliable communication for critical patient data. The Carescape Network supports a variety of configurations so that the specific needs of each facility are addressed.

Connecting patient sites

Carescape SiteLink is a wide area network (WAN) extension of a Carescape Network that allows patient monitoring beyond the physical walls of a point-of-care facility. By implementing a Carescape SiteLink connection, a primary facility can provide remote 24-hour surveillance of patients through a connected GE Healthcare network, and it can enable remote central station review of multiple-location patient monitors.