Holter analysis of ECG Data from Carescape patient monitors and Carescape Apex pro telemetry


The Carescape Holter Acquistion System HAS captures all ECG data from the Carescape monitor/telemetry network. The ECG's can be analysed using the GE Healthcare Cardiosoft ECG Holter Software which can be installed in a local networked PC.

GE’s CardioDay-Software for the analysis of ECG holter data is a very mature and state-of-the-art ECG analysis software used by thousands of cardiologists. The Cardioday Software is modular with clinical and research options.

  • Reports easily configurable

  • Intuitive user menus

  • Bewährte Analyse-Algorithmen

  • EKG-analysis over several days possible

  • Automatic event search - ranking according to severity of the events

  • Special tools such as: atrial flutter analysis, HF variability, Heart Rate Turbulence (HRT), Deceleration Capacity, T Wave Alternance and pacemaker analysis

  • Beat-to-Beat QT-measurement

  • 12 channel modul

  • Extended reporting and export functionalities