Carescape Apex Pro Telemetry


Telemetry is an important technology in today’s healthcare environment. With patient care and safety as your primary concerns, the GE Healthcare ApexPro telemetry system delivers proven reliability and exceptional clinical technology that reduces the possibility of transmission interference,dropout and downtime.

Built on GE’s legacy of quality and innovation, ApexPro offers a flexible, reliable way to deploy telemetry wherever it is needed.

Apexpro ECG-Telemetry can be extended with Masimo's SpO2 technology.


ApexPro relies on an exceptional networking infrastructure operating in the 420-460 MHz frequency band. This custom-designed infrastructure gives you the flexibility and scalability and stability to help provide interference-free wireless transmissions within your specific RF environment. pexPro is completely independent from mobile phone receivers.  Because GE delivers “coverage area” rather than “infrastructure equipment,” you are assured of comprehensive, reliable coverage across the entire area you need.

Together with GE’s comprehensive Carescape suite of mobile, remote and bedside monitoring technologies, ApexPro helps you manage Clinical Information across the enterprise by delivering information to the critical point of clinical decision-making.


Unrevealed stability and availibility. Carescape Apex pro telemetry.

Carescape ApexPro telemetry can be expanded with SpO2.