CARESCAPE™ B850 Patient Monitor

High End Quality Patientmonitor with 15-19" LC displays. Carescape B850 combines the worldclass paramter technology of GE (Marquette ECG, Dinamap NIBP, Datex Gasanalysis, Nellcor/Masimo/GE SpO2, Aspect's BIS) with high level IT integration.

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CARESCAPE™ B650 compact modular patient monitor

The B650 is the high end compact modular monitoring. With it's 15" LC display it can be used as desktop monitor or as high end transport monitor...

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CARESCAPE™ B450 transport/desktop modular patient monitor

The 450 is the high end transport and desktop modular monitor. With it's 12" LC display it can be used as desktop monitor or as transport monitor,. Measures all hemodynamic and all airway gas and spirometry parameters.

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CARESCAPE™ ONE - Smart, innovative patient modul und patient monitor

With a lightweight intuitive design, every patient monitor is ready for transport without the need for additional components. Fully enabled CARESCAPE ONE adapts to changing care environments with the simple step of a parameter device connection. Any parameter cabel can be connectdt to any of the USB ports.

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GE B105/125 Patientmonitor

The B105/B125 preconfigured Patientmonitor from GE Healthcare delivers the performance you can trust. The B series monitor is simple and intiuitv to use, can be used in various care areas and measures high quality parameters with solid reliability.

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Procare B20/B40 Monitoring

is the semimodular series within the Carescape system. With a wide choice of worldclass parameters (Maruqette ECG Pro, Dinamap NIBP, Datex CO2/AA, Nellcor/GE/Masimo SpO2) Procare adapts to all needs with a high affordability.

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CARESCAPE™ Patientdatamodul (PDM) - Hemodynamics

The high end hemodynamic parameter module, the Patient Data Module (PDM), is available in versions with Ohmeda, Nellcor or Masimo SpO2 technology and with/without IBP. The PDM patient module saves all measured data, independently from where the information (data) come from .

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CARESCAPE™ Gas Monitoring and Metabolics parameter modules 

Carescape Compact Airway Modules offer a wide range of patient ventilation and gas exchange measurements: CO2, O2 concentrations, multigas measurement with anesthetic identification, patient spirometry, CO2 production and O2 consumption (metabolics).

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CARESCAPE™ special parameter modules

Various specialty parameter modules have been designed for use with our new Carescape monitoring system. The fully modular system allows to compose your set of parameters for each setting, for each care area, for each patient.

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CARESCAPE™ Central Station CSCS

The care(scape) you deliver is as individual as the patients who receive it. Each situation requires the right information at the right time and place to support the best decisions. For patient monitoring to better support caregivers, you need a care-centric solution that fluently collects, displays and manages information, so that critical patient data is virtually always at hand. 

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The Carescape iPanel from GE Healthcare reflects a new way of working with patient information. Coupled with GE’s leading patient monitoring solutions, iPanel gathers data from multiple systems and devices, uniting care-critical information at the point of decision.

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CARESCAPE™ Mobile Viewers

from GE Healthcare reflect a new way of thinking about monitoring. Mobile Viewers display patients’ clinical information in near real-time,enabling doctors and nurses to make informed decisions from virtually anywhere,anytime.Mobile Viewers communicate patient data, trends, curves through secured internet browser to your PC, labtop, mobile telephone or PDA. 

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CARESCAPE™ ApexPro Multiparameter-Telemetry

Telemetry is an important technology in today’s healthcare environment. With patient care and safety as your primary concerns, the GE Healthcare ApexPro telemetry system delivers proven reliability and exceptional clinical technology that reduces the possibility of transmission interference,dropout and downtime.

Built on GE’s legacy of quality and innovation, ApexPro offers a flexible, reliable way to deploy telemetry wherever it is needed.

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CARESCAPE™ Unity ID - device interfacing

The Unity Network Interface Device (ID) provides cost effective connectivity of supported stand-alone devices to the CARESCAPE™ Network.

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GE-Ascom Mobile Monitoring Gateway (MMG)

The Swiss quality solution for transmission of alarms to secondary devices. MMG is the Messaging interface with GE CARESCAPE™ Network and mobile divices. Enabling an alarm notification to reach the right caregiver wherever they are in the hospital is vital. To deliver this, the GE Ascom solution has been developed to add mobility to patient data distribution in real time. Alarmtransmision to wirless phones, VoIP phones, LED Displays, Web.

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