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Carescape Dinamap VC150 - Vital Signs monitor


Direct connection to your EMR with or without integrated HL7-engine. Fast, accurate Vitals and more. For wards, emergencies, function rooms etc.

With great connectivity feautres the VC150 represents the new generation of vital signs monitors.
The accuracy of your patient's vitals sets the baseline for the quality of your care. Since you never know when an extreme case will come through the door, you need to be prepared with the best tools available. Start your patient's visit right: use VC150 vital signs monitors.

VC150 uses DINAMAP NIBP technology, Surplus temperature measurement or temporal Exergen plus your choice of GE Trusignal,  Masimo Rainbow SET or Nellcor OxiMax SpO2.  Choose the industry standard in vitals signs measurement: Carescape VC150 DINAMAP.

The Carescape VC150 monitor helps you manage clinical information by collecting the right information at the point of care and presenting it wherever it is needed. So you can make fast, quality care decisions informed by relevant, current clinical intelligence.

VC150 can be connected to any HL7 compatible interface engine or uses for connection to any HIS oder Interfacingsolution the Patient Demographic Query (PDQ) with IHE-Profiles and supports the  PCD-01-Transaction (HL7 V2.6, IEEE 11073-nomenclatura and IHE PCD Rosetta Terminology- Mapping RTM Content-Profil).

In addition VC150 has various USB ports for connection bardcode reader or exergen thermometer and for data transfer.

 Carescape VC150 Dinamap

Carescape VC150 measures NIBP, Temperature and optionally SpO2.

  • Choose from three Sp02 measurements including GE Ohmeda, Nellcor or Masimo
  • Select either Surplus temperature measurment technology (oral, axillary, rectal) or Exgernen fronal arterial thermometer.

Using a resistive Touchscreen the VC150 is intuitive to use.

Ilvi - the new colleque of all nurses on the ward - The automated aquistion of vital parameters is manufacturer and device independent. Communication takes place via Bluetooth or NFC. In the case of non-compatibility, an integration using a dongle or OCR is possible. Look at our dedicated Ilvi website.