CARESCAPE ONE - Elegantly simple transport workflow lets you focus on the patient – not the device. Simply undock the CARESCAPE ONE unit from the CARESCAPE bedside monitor. At the destination, dock the unit into the bedside monitor. Via intelligent design alarming is uninterrupted; data continuity is preserved throughout and sent to the EMR.

The CARESCAPE Monitor B850, our high-acuity monitor is adaptable to meet the needs of the patient or care environment. It helps you to manage your patient care and enhance the work flow by providing a dependable level of data continuity and integration across care areas.

The CARESCAPE Monitor B650, for exceptional care, combines the features and functionality you expect and provides clinical information available, when and where you need it.

In step with patients. The highly portable CARESCAPE Monitor B450 is a flexible-acuity monitor that keeps the flow of vital data moving.

CARESCAPE VC150 Vital Signs Monitor is continuing the trusted DINAMAP* clinical excellence and offering seamless EMR connectivity, enabling the caregiver more time on patient care.

The Carescape system offers a wide variety of parameter modules using the bench mark algorithms of the orginal GE manufacturers i.e GE Datex, GE Marquette, GE Dinamap, GE Ohmeda, GE Prucka, GE Hellige. Specific parameter technology from other developers is available through secured OEM agreements with i.e. Nellcor, Masimo, PiCCO, Aspect BIS.

Carescape hemodynamic modules combine the bench mark technologies into a single hemodynamic module.

CARESCAPE respiratory modules monitor respiratory and ventilatory parameters for adult, paediatric and neonatal patients in anaesthesia and critical care applications.

Carescape specialty modules cover exceptional parameters like BIS, Entropy, PiCCO e.a.