Stimpod neuromuscular monitor

Xavant's  Stimpod NMT monitor is  the one touch relaxometer for perioperative use.


OneTouch NMT™

The Stimpod NMS450X features OneTouch NMT™ technology which enables the user to monitor an entire case from electrode placement to extubation at the press of a single button.

Once initiated, the Stimpod will automatically find the optimal electrode placement, assign the appropriate supramaximal current, begin Train of For Monitoring (TOF Monitoring) and move to Post Tetanic Count (PTC) when a deep/profound block is achieved.

When the patient begins the reversal process, the Stimpod monitor will automatically reinitiate TOF monitoring until the patient is 90%+ recovered. No manual intervention is required to manage the process. Along the way, the Stimpod will detect and notify the user of the depth of the neuromuscular blockade.


The Stimpod supports Train-of-Four (TOF), Post-Tetanic-Count (PTC), Double Burst (DB), Tetanus and Twitch stimulation modes for accurate NeuroMuscular Transmission Monitoring.