VS-10H Videolaryngoscope

With the portable video laryngoscope VS-10H from Medcaptain, you have a safe and easy-to-use device in your hand for daily intubation in clinical routine as well as for difficult airway management in acute situations.

The 3.5 inch touchscreen, the anti-fog coated disposable blades as well as the real-time acquisition ensure a very high image quality. Screen rotation 270° horizontally, 140° vertically.

One-handed photo or film recording, which can be transferred to a server, as well as an HDMI connection to an external, large monitor are ideal for teaching.

No expensive batteries needed!
The VS-10H video laryngoscope has a lithium battery that can be easily recharged with a USB cable. Fully charged, the capacity is sufficient for 4 hours of intubation time. A lithium battery will last up to 5 years with careful use.

Your advantages:

  • 3.5 inch touch screen
  • Rechargeable lithium battery (operating time 4 hours)
  • HD camera, HDMI output, integrated WiFi
  • Photo and film recording
  • Disposable spatula for: Infants, adults, obese patients, difficult airway patients available


GlideScope® Titanium-Videolaryngoscope


Incorporating an advanced digital camera with an integrated LED light source, GlideScope Titanium laryngoscopes connect to a full color digital video monitor for real time viewing and recording. And with a choice of low-profile blades in two distinct options, you can choose the way you want to work.

LoPro T3 and T4 blades combine the performance of GlideScope with the strength of titanium, while MAC T3 and T4 blades give you the familiar look and feel of traditional Macintosh blades.

The Glidescope Titanium System

  • Choice of one (1) lightweight and durable reusable video laryngoscope—available in 4 options:
    • Low-profile GlideScope angled blades—LoPro T3 and LoPro T4
    • Mac-style blades—MAC T3 and MAC T4
  • Digital, full-color 6.4-inch video monitor that runs on internal batteries or AC power, and includes:
    • Power adapter and cable
    • Onboard video tutorial
  • Video cable for connecting a reusable blade to the video monitor
  • Choice of mobile stand or IV pole mount
  • Optional HDMI-to-DVI cable
  • Choice for blades size and form for all clinical requirements.
  • Realtime snapshots, video-recording and video replya support the verification of the tube placement and are very helpful tools for training.
  • Easy to cvlean blades – IPX8, with several desinfection and sterilisation options.

Thin. Tough. Titanium.



GlideScope AVL System

The GlideScope AVL video laryngoscope system delivers the digital video technology and functionality physicians expect from advanced video laryngoscopy—available in single use configurations.

When users need to get a tube placed quickly, they can count on the AVL to provide a consistently clear, real-time view of the airway, enabling quick intubation.


GreenLight II™ Laryngoscope handles

SteeLite™ SPU Metal blades

  • Now you can have the confidence of steel at the price of a disposable!
  • Help to reduce the risk of cross contamination via a proven carrier
  • Seven sizes available in MAC or Miller styles
  • Reduce the cost of an intubation by eliminating reprocessing costs and replacement parts/blades