OPTI bloodgas and electrolytes Point-of-Care analyzer, touchscreen


The calibration gas bottle assures accurate calibration prior to each sample measurement

The system comes with a removable, rechargeable battery, which allows extended operation independent of main power.

The self contained optical sensor cassette is designed for single use, with the advantage that the sample is automatically aspirated into the cassette.

Designed for portability, the OPTI Analyzer is always ready for testing wherever you need it for measurement of pH/blood gas, total hemoglobin, oxygen saturation, electrolytes and glucose.

Portability. The analyzer is lightweight and battery-operated, ensuring optimum flexibility for portable or stationary use. Ease of Use.

Menu-driven display and automatic sample aspiration simplify operation and training.

Enhanced Clinical Accuracy

The OPTI CCA Analyzer is the only STAT-portable point-of-care device that measures total hemoglobin, which provides a true picture of a patient's clinical condition without requiring additional lab verification.

Electronic Quality Control

The capability simplifies quality control activities and keeps operational costs to a minimum.

Cost Efficiency

The OPTI CCA single-use cassettes store at room temperature and provide an economical solution for low-volume testing systems. They also deliver a predictable cost per test for simplified budgeting.

Cassette parameter configurations:

  • pH, PO2, PCO2 , tHb, SO2
  • pH, PO2, PCO2 , tHb, PO2  Na+, K 
  • pH, PO2, PCO2 , tHb, SO2  Na+, K+,Ca++
  • pH, PO2, PCO2 , tHb, SO2  Na+, K+,Gluc