SLE 6000 ventilator - conventional and HFOV


The SLE6000 ventilator is the gold standard infant/paediatric ventilator. Offering conventional ventilation as well as high performance High Frequency Oscillation Ventilation (HFOV) in the same machine, the SLE6000 offers the complete package of neonate/infant ventilation modes in 1 system. Conventionell ventilation and HFO.

True HFO with active expiration.

  • Very quiet operation HFOV, yet with the performance to successfully provide HFO to both the smallest pre-terms and the largest infants.
  • Same patient circuit is used for conventional and HFO ventilation, minimising risk of lung de-recruitment.
  • Proximal Hot Wire flow sensor technology ensures sensitivity to even the tiniest of patient breathing efforts, and control of tidal volumes as small as 2ml.
  • Volume targeting capability to limit and monitor delivered tidal volumes as part of the Lung Protective Strategy.
  • Colour display of respiratory waveforms and key respiratory parameters, in addition to 24 hour trending data.
  • Simple upgrade capability to keep up to date with latest software and modality enhancements.
  • Easy to set up, easy to use, easy to train, easy to clean.

SLE Ltd have been designing, developing and marketing Infant and Neonatal ventilators, since the first day that Neonatologists, and Infant Ventilation specialists, began to demand something special for ventilating tiny patients with very delicate lungs.

Infant ventilation is not merely a sub-speciality of Paediatrics, it is a highly specialised area that requires devices specifically designed with the infant in mind, and the specific demands of the infant lung physiology.