Limbo - coaxial - double lumen circle circuit


The Limbo  is a circle circuit, accommodating all of your needs, including low-flow. The streamlined design minimizes the clutter of a two-limbed circle circuit with these important additional benefits:

  • LIGHT WEIGHT - Less plastic means less weight and torque on the patient’s airway management device; Limbo weighs 34% less than coaxial circle circuits and 25% less than traditional circle circuits.1
  • LOWER COMPLIANCE – The presence of a septum in Limbo decreases compliance in the circuit to significantly increase delivered volume . . . without sacrificing drape.
  • THERMALLY EFFICIENT – Bench testing suggests the transfer of heat from the expiratory to the inspiratory limb of 6.2°C at 4L/min flow rates.

 LESS Weight = Limb-O weighs 25% less than traditional two-limb circuits which reduces torque on the patient’s airway.

LESS Inventory = Limb-O consolidates your inventory! The size of the lumen accommodatesboth adult and pediatric patients.



LESS Compliant = Limb-O’s low compliance tubing allows for delivery of a more accurate tidal volume.

LESS  Heat Loss = Limb-O’s common wall/septum separating inspiratory and expiratory lumens permits heattransfer from warm exhaled gasses.