InfusaScan - pressure infusor


InfusaScan™ is a new manual pressure infusor with an optically clear window for unsurpassed visual clarity.  Clinicians can now read the contents of the fluid bag, determine fluid levels at a glance and detect residual air pockets and air bubbles. As an added bonus, to help eliminate medication errors, fluid bag bar codes can be read directly through the optically clear window.

InfusaScan construction prevents exposure to latex and neoprene. Both patients and clinicians are thereby protected from potential allergens.


InfusaScan® - Fluid pressure infusor

  • Optically clear window allows infrared scanning of the fluid bags bar code, to help eliminate medication errors.
  • Optically clear window for unsurpassed visual clarity of contents, fluid levels, and residual air pockets.
  • Patient-dedicated to minimize the spread of nosocomial infections via touch contamination.
  • High visibility color coded pressure gauge offers 3600 visibility of bladder pressure
  • Large inflation bulb has rapid recovery for quick and easy inflation.
  • Easy-to-use stopcock and bulb-to-tube fitted seal prevent leaks.