We deliver to our customers single-use products of unsurpassed quality.

We aim to be the product innovator. Throughout our history, we have focused on reducing nosocomial infections, bringing efficiency to the supply chain and meeting the demands of our clinical partners. With more than 30 years of leadership we continue our commitment to understanding our customers' needs and providing value-based solutions.


 Vie these temperature products

A-Line Temperatur sensors

We offer disposable temperature probes  for all temperature monitors.

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Medisorb Soda Lime

The use of low flow anesthesia is a growing clinical trend over the world. This trend is driven by the goals of controling costs and minimizing the environmental impact of anesthetic agents. Medical soda lime is used in anesthesia system rebreathing circuits, to absorb carbon dioxide. GE Healthcare offers a broad range of high-quality soda lime products, including those that contain Medisorb.

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Parker - The innovative ET-Tube becomes a standard of practise

Clinical studies prove the supriority of the Parker tubes  during the intubation with the "introducer" or fibreoptical aids.The centered, bended tip of the tube lies very close to sidewall of the introducer or fibrescope and prevents the tube from damaging the mucosa. 

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Laryngeal masks

Mercury Air-Q laryngeal masks are available as standard laryngeal airway and as Air-Q blocker laryngeal airway with addtional blocker channel. Easier intubation, easier positioning, better sealing,

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Greenlight II™ Laryngoscope System

The ISO green standard LED handle design provides the brightest laryngoscope light source on the market today. The handle comes with a 5 year limited warranty and you never have to replace any bulbs. The system has 7 sizes of single patient use MAC and Miller blades available and the green standard design allows the handle to be used with any green standard reusable blades on the market.

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 View these masks

Face Masks and CPAP masks

Our latex-free face masks have a soft, pliable, air-filled cushion that creates a low pressure seal and a patented inflation/deflation valve. They come in 15 different styles and sizes from neonate to large adult.

Our CPAP masks are characterized by patientcomfort, accuracy and high flow capabilities.

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 View the Limbo double lumen circuit

Noninvasive ventilation masks

AirLife® noninvasive ventilation (NIV) full face and nasal masks offer clinicians a reliable option, while providing patients comfort and security. The adjustable four-point headgear and flexible swivel connector enable ease in fit and adjustment.

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Adult Anesthesia Breathing Circuits

Adult Anesthesia Circuits are designed to meet your needs. You have options to choose the type and length of hose, latex or latex free breathing bags, style of face mask and much more.




Single patient pressure infusor bag with clear window for scanning bar codes and viewing contents.Caregivers can now see, with unsurpassed clarity, the medication, fluid level, and presence of any air pockets or bubbles in the fluid bag.

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