PhysioMem® PM 100 - Tele-ECG and Eventrecorder

enables the patient to record independently  ECG stripes, irrespective of time and place and automatically send the ECG per Mail to the attending physician.


The new Generation of Tele-ECG with event recording

The detection of cardiac arrhythmias is a challenge to doctors and patients alike. Infrequent and irregular episodes are especially hard to diagnose. To overcome this challenge, Tele-ECG’s are being used more and more in everyday situations.

Numerous national and international clinical studies, especially on atrial fibrillation, have been performed using Tele-ECG devices, not least for their high diag-nostic yield. The devices enable the patient to inde-pendently record short ECG stripes, irrespective of time and place, and automatically send them to their attending physician. A possible arrhythmia can be detected in a timely manner and the patient promptly provided with a suitable treatment.

PhysioMem® PM 100, the new generation of Tele ECG equipment, unites modern design, high quality and reliability with ease of use, fl exibility and mobility.

2-lead ECG via 4 electrodes on the back of the unit. No disposables needed. Protected agaibnst dust and fluid ingress. 107 g. Inductive charging of the integrated battery.  Battery operating time min. 5 days.


Mobility and easy operation

Using the PhysioMem® PM 100, a patient suffering from intermittent cardiac arrhythmias can record a 2-lead, 40 second ECG anytime and anywhere. Either at regular intervals or if the patient experiences cardiac related symptoms, he or she simply presses the four electrodes attached to the back of the device firmly onto the chest and presses the start button. Once the recording has finished, it is automatically transferred to the Resta Server and from there to the attending physician for evaluation. To recharge the internal battery simply place the unit on the charger pad provided.

The ECG Ddata send from the PM100® over the mobile network is received by the Resta Server. The server converts the data to a predefined format (PDF, XML) and sendsit automatically the the preconfigured email adress.