MAC™ 7 - advanced resting ECG system

The future starts now.

Meet the MAC™ 7 resting ECG system from GE Healthcare. The device is sophisticated yet very easy to use. It has an intuitive touchscreen interface that allows users of all experience levels to acquire high-quality ECGs with just a few simple steps.



The intuitive user interface helps you perform high quality ECGs. The intuitive user interface of the MACTM 7 supports you in improving ECG quality by:

  • Identifying signal quality
  • automatically acquiring the highest quality ECGs
  • Displaying results in high resolution

MACTM 7 means:

MORE PATIENT SAFETY - The new Smart Lead technology automatically detects when a new patient is hooked up.

RELIABLE RESULT - The optimised Hookup Advisor™ helps even inexperienced users to get a clean, high-quality curve pick-up.

FEWER REPEATS - The optional Auto ECG algorithm independently acquires the first clean, high-quality ECG and displays it directly.

12SL™ ensures proven precision and quality in measurement according to industry standards and clinical guidelines. The interpretation generated is justified by the algorithm with the presumed clinical factors.

The ACS option calculates the probability of occurrence of acute cardiac ischaemia.

Gender-specific interpretations have been shown to provide a 25% relative improvement in the detection of acute posterior wall infarction in women under 60 years of age.


Data exchange.

MACTM 7 enables data exchange in several formats such as Dicom, HL7, XML and PDF. Bidirectional communication is possible with

Securely networked.

To minimise IT challenges and simplify connectivity, the MACTM 7 is designed to integrate easily with your systems using industry-standard interfaces.

With today's highly connected data environment, you worry about protecting patients and data. GE Healthcare and our new ECG security system, featured on the MACTM 7, can put your worries at ease.


The high-resolution pacemaker detection shows invisible pacing events in the ECG curve, if applicable.

Improved detection of left ventricular hypertrophy (LVH) using conventional LVH criteria and with identification of positive results. 

MACTM 7's security logging monitors and records useful security-related activities. This includes user logins and network connections.

Critical values are highlighted in the ECG reports so that urgent patient needs can be responded to quickly.

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