MAC 600 Resting ECG


The MAC 600 enables physicians to bring advanced ECG analysis to patients they could never reach before. With leading clinical technology and an SD card that puts vital data right in your hands. With on-screen results that help save time, energy, and paper. And with the diagnostic confidence that comes from Marquette ® 12SL™ analytical tools. All tucked inside an incredibly portable, easy-to-use ECG system.

The MAC 600 puts advanced diagnostic tools at your fingertips, enabling physicians to deliver one of the world’s best ECG analyses. And with on-screen ECG results, you have^the completely digital workflow that can help you diagnose patients faster than ever before.

  • On-screen preview of waveforms and 12SL interpretation enables digital ECG workflow for faster time to treatment
  • Proven Marquette 12SL analysis helps support diagnostic confidence
  • 12-lead color display provides clear results review without printing

  • One of the lightest ECG available—only 1,2 kg
  • Lithium ion battery is long-lasting and energy-efficient, powering three hours of use on one charge, the equivalent of up to 250 ECG tests
  • SD card storage of ECGs (similar to a digital camera) is a readily available, portable storage system that enables easy access to ECG test results—simply take your SD card with you for fast download and printing from a secure computer
  • The ability to save ECG results as a PDF file* eliminates the need for costly proprietary ECG review software—making advanced ECG technology more accessible and more affordable worldwide.