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MAC Resting ECG


GE Healthcare’s comprehensive product portfolio provides solutions for all care areas in the field of diagnostic cardiology and patient monitoring. 

Quality ECG tools support clinical accuracy. The future of advanced ECG technology starts with a history of innovation. Since 1965, GE Healthcare has developed diagnostic cardiology advances that help clinicians improve healthcare delivery. Today our portfolio of resting ECG systems supports clinical accuracy and connects you to advanced data analysis tools that may lead to more confident diagnoses and better outcomes for diverse patient populations in both the physician's office and hospital environments.



MAC 600 Resting ECG

The MAC 600 enables physicians to bring advanced ECG analysis to patients they could never reach before. With leading clinical technology and an SD card that puts vital data right in your hands. With on-screen results that help save time, energy, and paper. And with the diagnostic confidence that comes from Marquette ® 12SL™ analytical tools. All tucked inside an incredibly portable, easy-to-use ECG system.

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MAC 2000 Resting and Stress ECG

Simple and clever. The new MAC 2000 from GE Healthcare/Anandic with the benchmarking 12L Marquette Analysis program allow speedy and accurate diagnosis. MAC 2000 offer high quality resting ECG and optional stress ECG diagnostics.

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MAC™ 7 - advanced resting ECG system

The device is sophisticated yet very easy to use. It has an intuitive touchscreen interface that allows users of all experience levels to acquire high-quality ECGs with just a few simple steps.

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MAC VU360 - our most advanced ECG system ever

ECG solutions with features you do not know today but need tomorrow. Our fastest and best ECG system ever - with Smart Acquisition. A mobile workspace for seamless integration of all ECG requirements and reports for a simple workflow.

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Cardiosoft ECG PC system

GE Healthcare combines industry leading Marquette® algorithms with the versatility and simplicity of software to bring you CardioSoft®, a cost-effective solution for your diagnostic needs. Now you can turn your PC into a sophisticated system capable of acquiring resting ECG, exercise stress test data, ambulatory blood pressure readings and spirometry measurements – all on one PC.

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