GE Healthcare

MUSE  Cardiology Information System

Helps improve the overall cardiovascular care process — for cardiologists, IT administrators, and patients.


The MUSE Cardiology Information System is more than a database management system: through seamless connectivity with resting ECG, exercise ECG, or Holter acquisition devices. MUSE integrates, manages, and streamlines the flow of cardiac information, enabling faster data delivery, distribution and analysis. In conjunction with the MAC 5500 HD, the latest version of MUSE provides enhanced workflow in the Emergency Department and pacemaker annotation capability.

MUSE™ v9 takes cardiology information systems to the next level with expanded connectivity tools, smarter workflows, enhanced data security, and privacy capabilities. The new functionality and upgrades to the MUSE system are designed to improve the overall cardiovascular care process — for cardiologists, IT administrators, and patients.

MUSE v9 offers the best of both worlds through many clinical and IT benefit.

  • Helps speed the decision process with measurements and analysis tools to support cardiac care
  • Bridges the communication gap between vendors, modalities, clinics, hospitals, care areas and your enterprise
  • Keeps your data secure while supporting easy access
  • Maximizes the clinical benefits MUSE provides and utilizes your existing devices
  • Integrates with active directory, HIS, EMR, and Logging / Audit systems to centralize user authentication and login as well as enhance your auditing capabilities
  • Enables DICOM connectivity to acquire, communicate and store across platforms including Vendor Neutral Archive (VNA)
  • Provides workflow flexibility for data acquisition, barcoding at the device for ADT and orders download, helping to reduce errors

MUSE eDoc Connect provides an open and direct multi-modality, multi-vendor solution.

  • Easy integration of non-GE technologies 
  • Direct connectivity to receive and store reports from other network-connected devices such as stress testing equipment, electrocardiographs, wearables, pulmonary function equipment and more 
  • Patient information and clinical resulsts available in a single view 
  • Built-in interface removes the burden of IT maintaining additional interfaces

MUSE DICOM Connect provides the direct link between the resting ECG data acquisition and DICOM protocol based systems which could include EMRs, PACS and RIS.

  • MUSE receives DICOM** modality worklists and converts them to complete an efficient resting ECG workflow for the cardiology department 
  • Critical information can be shared with the imaging/ radiology workstation to help increase the speed and accuracy of cardiac diagnosis 
  • Maintain a diagnostic ECG expert system to edit, confirm and route ECGs without compromising workflow 
  • Send DICOM-formatted resting ECGs to a PACS or VNA (vendor neutral archive) on demand