Diagnostic Cardiology



Integrated cardiac solutions from GE Healthcare transform how you predict, diagnose, inform and treat heart disease. Have access to all of your patients’ medical images and information at once, just like you have always imagined. Help patients experience what we call early health, which focuses on early prevention rather than late diagnosis. If we can find heart disease sooner, we can help people live longer, fuller lives. Together we can re-think, re-invent and re-discover.



MAC Resting ECG

Our solutions für resting ECG offer ultimate allgorithmes and functions like gender specific 12SL, ACI TIPI, 15-channel registration, P-Wave-Signalaveraging as well as transfer to our MUSE archiving system for ECG. Quality guaranteed. Service included.

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MAC Exercise/Stress-ECG - Ergometric solutions

GE Healthcare Cardiology offers ergometric solutions. Individually configurable and multifunctional solutions for exercise ECG, holter NIBP and Spirometry.

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KISS Electrodes application System

KISS is the simple to use and reliable electrode management system for ECG registrations.The maintenance free pump can be integrated in our ECG Mac systems or in a small frame witin KISS.

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ECG Holter System

Cardiomem 4000/3000, is the holter system from GE Healthcare designed for routine use in hospitals and private practises. It also is able to meet all requirements for research and development. Simple to use, intuitiv. The Tonoport Holter-NIBP completes the offering.

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Tele-ECG and event recorder

Using the PhysioMem® PM 100, a patient suffering from intermittent cardiac arrhythmias can record a 2-lead, 40 second ECG anytime and anywhere and trasnmit it ausotmatically to the attending physician.

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Hemodynamic and electrophysiologic cardiac catheter laboratory 

GE Healthcare offer the possibility to combine the Maclab hemodynamic system with the CardioLab electrophysiologic system. Optimising costs by dual use of your cath lab.

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MUSE® NX cardiology-Infoystem

The powerfull MUSE NX cardiology Informationsystem is much more then just an ECG database. It acts as the central of your cardiology department and visualises the processes. MUSE NX takes care of the working pathways and availibility of ECG data wherever is needed.

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In the Anandic Training facility C3 in Feuerthalen, Switzerland near Schaffhausen all cardiology products can be demonstrated. Take your time to get to know all details. Trainings by certified trainers are organised in accordance to your specific needs. ECG seminars are scheduled on a regular base.

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