BIS Vista - Bilateral Monitoring System


The BIS Vista Bilateral Monitor offers an entirely new way to assess both hemispheres of the brain.

The Vista Bilateral has the same proven consciousness assesment of BIS like all other BIS monitors from Aspect/Anandic The BIS BIlateral and the BIS Bilateral sensors provide the capbility to detect hemispheric differences in the brain which may prove useful for advanced monitoring applications.The advanced bilateral feautures include:

  • 4 channel EEG monitoring
  • Asymmetry Indicator (ASYM)
  • Density Spectral Array (DSA)


Asymmetry Indicatorn (ASYM)

an indicator of differecnes in the hemispheric EEG activity

Density Spectral Arry (DSA)

a graphical representation of EEG frequency differences between the hemispheres

4 channel of EEG

addtional insight into your patient's EEG activity

Anandic Medical Systems is the Swiss partner of Medtronic for the BIS technology. We market, sell and repair all Medtronic BIS products. We conduct clinical trainings and seminars on the BIS technology.