"By using BIS-Monitoring I can administrate drugs according to their hypnotical effect. With hemodynamic instable patients BIS helps to optimise the titration of anesthestics, thus better controlling their cardiac depressive effects."

Prof. Dr.Th. Schnider

Chairman Institute for anesthesia and intensive care - Cantonal hospital St. Gallen, Switzerland

How BIS Works

BIS works by using a sensor that is placed on the patient's forehead to measure electrical activity in the brain and translate it into a number between 100 (wide awake) and zero (absence of brain electrical activity).

Medtronic/Covidien is the leading developer/producer of innovative brain-monitors and OEM-monitor-modules for application during anesthesia and during intensive care treatments.  

Intraoperative evaluation of depth of anesthesia is a critical clinical assessment. Too little anesthesia may result in patient awareness during surgery, while too much anesthesia can result in prolonged recovery and may increase the risk for adverse postoperative outcomes and associated costs.

BIS™ monitoring uses processed EEG signals to measure sedation depth based on level of consciousness (LOC) signals, and allows anesthesia providers to titrate anesthesia to achieve a desired level of consciousness (LOC).



Is the fully-featured BIS Monitoring Solution using proven BISx state-of-the-art technology. The Vista has an increased processing power and case storage. Integrated USB ports for system expandability and real time updates. Bis Vista can be upgraded for bilateral monitoring.

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BIS Vista Bilateral Monitoring System

The BIS Vista BIlateral Monitor offers an entirely new way to assess both hemispheres of the brain.The Vista Bilateral has the same proven consciousness assesment of BIS like all other BIS monitors from Aspect/Anandic The BIS BIlateral and the BIS Bilateral sensors provide the capbility to detect hemispheric differences in the brain which may prove useful for advanced monitoring applications.

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BIS-Modul, E-BIS

The GE Carescape BIS-Modul incorporates the BIS allgorithms of the original manufacturer Aspect/Medtronic and quatifies the effects of anesthetics and sedatives on the brain.

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BIS Electrodes - for BIS Monitors and BIS Modules of all manufacturers

BIS Electrodes are packed per 25 pieces.

  • Optimised design (Form and funktionality)
  • Clear instrcution on the correct application
  • FOC training in your hospital, guaranteed tracebility 

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Anandic Medical Systems is the certified Swiss partner for BIS Technology of Medtronic.

Anandic offers monitors, sensors, clinical and technical training, technical repairs and training seminars for the BIS technology.

BIS Hotline Tel. 0848 800 900.

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