GE Healthcare

Anesthesia Carestation CS 750(C)


Anaesthesia delivery with a personal touch


The perioperative environment has become more complex with diverse patient cases that require customized therapy to facilitate better outcomes. The Carestation 750 anaesthesia workstation brings the technology you need to help manage these challenges by offering:

  • Individualized therapy: advanced clinical tools for low-flow anaesthesia and lung protective ventilation (LPV) strategies allow precise control of anaesthesia delivery

  • Easy, intuitive interface: guided or direct access to functions like Lung Recruitment Maneuver, Pause Gas Flow, Alarm Off, and more help ease stress in busy perioperative settings

  • Streamlined workflows: modular, ergonomic design along with self-guided checkout help bring a new level of convenience to case management and simplify machine maintenance

  • Support by Anandic when you need it most: access to service, accessories, and training resources are available 24/7, so you are not alone

*Not available in all markets. Not cleared or approved by the US FDA. Not for sale in the United States.

Individualized therapy at your fingertips

Embrace simplicity in personalized anesthesia care

No two cases and no two patients are the same. 

GE Healthcare & Anandic are committed to providing accurate clinical monitoring of all components, so clinicians can deliver the optimum, tailor-made general anaesthesia to each patient.




Low-flow software. ecoFLOW software helps support clinicians in the practice of low-flow anaesthesia by predicting how much O2 is needed within the fresh gas flow for each patient to minimize the risk of delivering a hypoxic mixture to the patient-even at very low flows. ecoFLOW has the potential to deliver a positive impact on the environment and reduce agent costs when agent waste gases are reduced.

lntegrated monitoring for tailored anaesthesia. The Adequacy of Anaesthesia concept (AoA) in the GE
integrated CARESCAPE monitors utilizes parameters to assess patient responses to anaesthetics, opioids
and neuromuscular blocking agents during surgery.

Lung protective ventilation (LPV) software. Programable, step-by-step lung recruitment maneuver software on the main ventilation display that includes real-time compliance measurement to assess the procedure effectiveness. An exit PEEP feature let's you keep the lung open after the procedure is complete.

Tools at your fingertips with an intuitiv interface

The user interface for the Carestation 750 system helps you deliver quality care with natural ease. lt allows you to breeze through cases, so you can worry less about the machine and devote more attention to your patients.

Carestation 750 video engl.

  • Modern, premium, compact design for an optimized workspace utilization
  • Simple and easy-to-use 15” touchscreen ventilator display
  • Intuitive user interface, inspired by the CARESCAPE™ Monitor, makes for a seamless experience in the OR
  • Integrated CARESCAPE Respiratory Module
  • Advanced tools to help individualize therapy
  • Scalable software and hardware features:
  • ecoFLOW software helps support clinicians in the practice of low-flow anaesthesia by predicting how much O2 is needed within the fresh gas flow
  • Electronic gas mixer

Modes of ventilation

  • VCV (Volume Control) Mode with tidal volume compensation
  • PCV (Pressure Control Ventilation)
  • Cardiac BypassModes of ventilation
  • PCV-VG (Pressure Controlled Ventilation Volume Guarantee)
  • SIMV (Synchronized Intermittent Mandatory Ventilation)(volume and pressure)
  • PSVPro™ Mode (Pressure Support with Apnea backup)
  • CPAP+PSV (Pressure Support mode)