GE Anaesthesia Carestations


GE Healthcare and Anandic offer various high quality solutions for anesthesia workstations, each with it's specific features and benefits. From basic performance to absolute high end anesthesia ventilation, GE developped advanced systems. All anesthesia workstations can become integrated care stations through integration of GE monitoring solutions.

From individual solutions to enterprise-wide visions, we’ve assembled the resources no other medical systems provider can offer. GE Healthcare is a world leader in providing advanced technologies for acquisition, analysis, access and integration of clinical data into real-time, hospital-wide information solutions.

Lower end, medium end and high end anesthesia workstations, MRI compatible solutions and superb transport ventilators. Anandic is your partner.


Aisys CS2

The new Generation Aisys CS2 helps you deliver unmatched performance through patient-focused care. The Aisys CS2 Carestation is the most complete digital anesthesia solution developed, putting patient-focused care at the point of need - at your fingertips with the sensational touch screen and new software  interface.

Carestation Insights allows centralized cloud based data archiving and analysis through dedicated apps.


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CarestationTM 750

The Carestation 750 anaesthesia machine is a modern, sophisticated and easy-to-navigate anaesthesia
workstation. It’s built on our clinically proven platform to give you the control and accuracy you need for high-quality, attentive care.

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Avance CS2

Every Avance CS2 represents a convergence of our premium anaesthesia and patient monitoring heritage.We’ve seamlessly integrated patient monitoring and data management through a user interface similar to our CARESCAPE* monitors. Featuring the same engaging touch screen technology found on most consumer digital devices today, the 15-inch ventilator display makes navigation, monitoring and operation easy andintuitive. With time-saving quick pick choices, flat menus and tunneling alarms, the Avance CS2 premium anaesthesia and patient monitoring heritage.

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Carestation 650

The Carestation 650 is a compact, flexible and easy to use yet powerful  anaesthesia workstation. The carestation series represent reliable and agile anaesthesia solution with smart tools to help simplify your daily work and manage non-ordinary events.

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Aestiva MRI

Flexible excellence for patients and clinicians. Building off the proven technology of the Aestiva/5 anesthesia system, the Aestiva/5 MRI is one of the few MRI compatible anesthesia systems with a fully functional, integrated ventilator. Validated for use the MRI environment (300 Gauss, 3.0 T active shielded magnet).

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The Tec 850 Vaporizer combines clinical performance with ergonomic design to deliver Isoflurane, Sevoflurane and Halothane efficiently.

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