Centricity Opera Management Solution


An OR management solution that covers the perioperative surgical process, optionally including material management, from request creation to patient discharge from PACU.


Help improve OR productivity with Centricity Opera

Improving OR productivity and efficiency takes appropriate management tools that support a clear overview of the data, efficient communication, elimination of scheduling disruptions, proactive management of urgent cases and optimisation of theatre capacity. Centricity Opera provides a complete set of OR management tools, configured to your healthcare environment, to help you reduce cancellations, increase throughput, and minimise overtime and downtime.

The Opera solution assures comprehensive and efficient management of surgeries in the operating room.The information provided by the system allows better planning & scheduling of surgery by achieving optimum allocation of resources.

The impact for the overall organizational efficiency is measurable in concrete financial savings rendered by utilization of capacity, closer monitoring and control of activities, detailed tracking of instruments and medical supplies use and instant access to managerial statistics.

The Opera Material Requirements Planning module facilitates the effective planning of all materials required for operations, such as instruments, disposables and equipment. It provides effective tools for material allocation, preparation, distribution and follow-up. The stocks can be optimised and warehouse costs reduced.

Opera is divided into modules, enabling step-by-step purchase and implementation:

Opera Pre- and Postoperative module is a scheduling and data analysis solution for operating rooms in hospitals and specialised clinics. It covers the preoperative process from surgery requests and waiting lists to the final OR schedule. Data validation takes place before data is transferred to Warehouse for statistical reporting.

Opera Intraoperative module helps to facilitate management and monitoring of the daily activities in operating rooms, day surgery units, and recoveries. Information on the surgery status is  documented at the point of care and effectively shared with every member of the patient care process.

Opera Material Management module provides tools for managing the preference cards, for planning the material - such as instruments, disposables and trays – for operations, for forecasting the material requirements, as well as for documenting the material consumption and traceability information.

Opera’s user interface is user friendly – different consoles are used depending on the process phase and the user. Opera includes also web applications to enable flexible access to the data within the hospital intranet.  

Opera is an open system. Data can be exchanged between other information systems in the hospital.  

Furthermore, Opera by CHCA supports 64 bit operating environment

Clinicians can work with a more reliable OR schedule

  • Estimated case durations are based on historical data, which means less overtime and wasted time.
  • Up-to-date case and OR schedule data is accessible on the hospital intranet, so there’s less time wasted on the phone and searching for data.
  • Electronic preference cards and default pre-op exam protocols save time and ensure correct preparations.
  • Access to statistical reports and ad-hoc modification of reports is fast and easy, even for those without database experience.  

The IT Department can take advantage of cost savings

  • Standard IT infrastructure helps to reduce training and system maintenance costs.
  • Flexible integration contributes to guarantee seamless two-way communication with other hospital information systems.  

OR Managers can reduce headaches

  • Track and minimise day-of conflicts, such as missing consultation results, material and equipment.
  • Help save time and improve the quality of work with optimised emergency case management and schedule manipulation.
  • Access to OR status, staffing and recovery room capacity.
  • Contribute to save money and minimise reduced cancellations with improved materials management.
  • Data is readily available for invoicing and reporting.  

The hospital can saves time, money and a positive reputation

  • Better capacity use results in increased patient throughput.
  • Better materials and resources management improves your bottom line.
  • Better communication improves patient and staff satisfaction.
  • Get powerful performance analysis for informed management decisions.