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MUSE™ NX Cardiac information management with a friendlier EMR integration 


Built on 50 years of ECG innovation, the MUSE™ Cardiology Information System is known for its solid clinical foundation. The latest version, the MUSE NX, boasts IT enhancements that raise networkability and data protection to the high level that MUSE has established in cardiology.


When devices are networked and everyone in the medical facility communicates in the same language, the IT manager is a big step closer to his digitisation mission , because the clinical staff is thus better informed and the department can work more efficiently. That's why MUSE NX offers new features and a user interface that bridge the gap between different providers, modalities, clinics, hospitals, departments and the entire organisation in a cost-effective way.

The power of MUSE NX starts with its ability to import and display every possible exam type from every vendor. And when it comes to viewing, MUSE NX also proves to be a great help. An open authentication API allows access to examinations from the ePA with a simple click of the mouse. And a single login is all it takes to access the patient's entire cardiology record.

Furthermore, exams can now be viewed from any device on the hospital's IT network. A new web client link can be easily added to desktops, mobile devices and laptops, giving users access from any location on the network.


To provide IT professionals with the assurance that patients' cardiology data remains protected, MUSE NX offers security measures at multiple levels and also integrates easily with existing security infrastructures. With its 'defence in depth' approach, MUSE NX provides comprehensive protection in line with HIPAA and GDPR regulations and allows tracking of who changed what patient data, when, and when an entry was searched, opened and viewed. MUSE NX also offers the benefits of LDAP Directory services, which allow administrators to centrally manage user access rights and profiles. And to keep security up to date, encryption mechanisms and facility-wide patching procedures combat access to the network by unwanted intruders.


Building on its strong clinical foundation, MUSE NX brings proven diagnostic performance to daily cardiology routines No other cardiology management system offers algorithms and measurements validated based on thousands of recordings from multiple peer-reviewed studies, and processing tools developed over decades in collaboration with leading cardiac centres and cardiologists worldwide. But that's not all: MUSE NX's advanced connectivity and intuitive user interface give cardiology department managers the confidence that MUSE NX can be operated by users of all experience levels.

In addition, MUSE NX is fast and offers an incredibly efficient workflow. An exam can be opened in the tool that users are most accustomed to by simply clicking on it in the ePA with SSO access. This combats one of the most common distraction factors, switching between different applications. And unlike DICOM, MUSE NX gives clinicians complete access to a patient's cardiology medical record through a single access point.
This allows current and previous ECG recordings to be compared on one screen for greater diagnostic confidence.


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